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Office Syndrome Workshop Free | Suffering from Neck, Back Pain

Office Syndrome Workshop…Because everyone is Working From Home.

How To Join:-

2nd May Saturday – Time 5 PM India

Is your work environment causing you pain?

Working long hours at an Office and WFH can be exhausting, especially when you’re not taking good care of yourself. Whether for lack of proper body mechanics or bad office environment, many of you experience ailments such as headaches, back, shoulder, hip and wrist pain. This is what we call the “Office Syndrome”

Ever suffer from Neck Pain, Back Pain, Headache, Sore/Dry Eyes ? Those long hours hunched over a computer could be the problem. More than 50% of office workers in India seek medical treatment for Office Syndrome, which causes debilitating pain and tension in the muscles, spine and joints and can cause depression.

Office Syndrome is caused by staying in the same seated posture for a prolonged period of time. It is usually found in office workers who spend many hours in front of a computer or small screens. This posture perfecting seminar is for those who are suffering from Office Syndrome.

Webinar is designed to help you :

  • Health Awareness.
  • Addressing Common Health Related Issues at Work & WFH.
  • Physical & Mental Health.
  • Health Vitamins While WFH (Solution, Prevention, Ergonomics Advice).
  • Demonstrate Relaxation Techniques & Stretching Exercises.
  • Interaction With The Group.
  • One and One Consultation Later.


Dr. Richa Purohit

Physiotherapist(B.P.Th, M.P.Th, M.I.A.P Bhopal)

Dr. Shubhangi Jawale

Physiotherapist(B.P.Th, M.I.A.P. Pune)

We are hoping to take care of you in future as well, of course with your permission

Office Syndrome Workshop…Because everyone is Working From Home.

Join Zoom Meeting:-

2nd May Saturday – Time 5 PM India

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